At Newton Flotman Preschool we believe that children learn best when they are happy and relaxed doing things that spark their curiosity and create a sense of awe and wonder about the world around them.

Children are able to spend time exploring activities that interest them, this encourages children to make sense of the world by experimenting and creates an active learning environment.  Our practitioners continuously reflect upon and develop our learning environment to ensure that it reflects the interests of the children.

Adults play a key role in encouraging children to further develop their knowledge and skills by making careful observations and scaffolding existing knowledge to create a deeper understanding of a range of child-led experiences.  We use our observations to plan a range of adult led-activities, these are often planned in the moment based on the child’s interests at that particular moment. We also use our knowledge of children’s interests to arrange visitors to preschool and to plan visits in the surrounding area which encourages children’s awareness of themselves as part of a wider community.

We aim to spend time getting to know families and children before they start with us so that we can begin to understand about their existing experiences and begin to build on these experiences with the activities that we provide at Preschool.

We are an inclusive Preschool that welcomes all children, we adapt our environment and practises to meet all children’s needs to help everybody to flourish in a warm and supportive environment.

We hope to help children develop their skills in order to meet the future challenges in their life and become ready to enjoy and thrive in the next steps in their learning journey.