The Newton Flotman Pre-School committee consists solely of nine volunteers (listed below) who are all parents/carers, or past parents/carers of children of the pre-school.  The committee and Ria, the manager of the pre-school, meet once or twice a term to plan and discuss events affecting the pre-school.

Committee members have an important role in managing the pre-school and it’s staff, and ensuring it meets the needs of the children and parents/carers who use it.  The committee is also responsible for ensuring the provision runs safely, efficiently and legally.  All members must be DBS checked (Disclosure and Barring Service).

All parents/carers are more than welcome to join our friendly committee.  If you are interested in joining please talk to Ria or one of the current committee members – find out what it’s like being part of our team. You can also email the committee using the form at the bottom of this page.


We also have a fundraising team, and members are not required to be part of the committee to join the group.  We aim to organise at least one fundraising event each term, and the team meet once or twice a term to organise events and activities such as our annual Easter Egg Hunt and the pre-school Sports Day.  Members are not expected to attend every meeting.

If you are interested in helping in any way please talk to Ria, one of the committee members or email using the form below.  We appreciate some people would prefer to help on a stall for an hour and not be involved with any organising – all help is welcome whatever time you have to offer.

The money raised from our fundraising events are used to improve our setting with new resources and equipment for the children of the pre-school.

Committee Members

Trevor Shurmer – Chairperson
Michelle Yeomans – Treasurer
Amy Snowling  – Accounts
Andrea Williamson – Secretary
Jennifer Green
Helen Bridges
Lisa Arnup-Chapman
Lora Shurmer
Charlie Atmore

Contact the committee

If you would like to contact the committee with regard to becoming a member, fundraising or you wish to discuss anything relating to the pre-school, please use the following form.