Well welcome back at last! I hope you all made the best of your break away and have enjoyed some good times with your little ones, however like myself I am sure most of you are keen to get back to some sort of normality now. We are thrilled to be back however inevitably we have had to make some changes to our provision which I will need to tell you about. These changes aside we are still here to provide your little ones with a positive and happy experience at preschool.

Key Changes

When dropping off and collecting your little ones we are asking that only one family member comes and that you wait outside (socially distanced) to be greeted by a staff member. I am afraid at this stage we are not allowing parents/carers into the building unless it is absolutely necessary if you wish to speak to myself or a staff member this of course can be arranged, I appreciate this may cause some distress but we will do our best to make it as easy as possible.

In line with government guidelines we are asking that if you, your child or anyone you have come into close contact with has shown symptoms of coronavirus that you please do not come to preschool and you follow the most recent guidelines for isolation. With this in mind if any child displays any symptoms during a session, we will contact you and request that you collect the child immediately and then again follow isolation guidelines.

We are asking that children do not bring anything unnecessary into school such as toys, blankets etc and anything that is brought in must be clearly labelled. All lunches should be in plastic containers that can be wiped upon arrival.

There have been some updates to our terms and conditions and our illness policy and so I have attached a copy with this for you all to look at. Please sign the terms and conditions and return as soon as you can.


We will be continuing to use Tapestry this term and due to the limited contact we will be having with yourselves we will be using Tapestry as a means of communication with you so please remember to check if you have any messages. You can also contact us in the same way, please let us know if you have any problems accessing Tapestry and we will do our best to sort these for you.


Last year we introduced the consumables charge, this has worked very well for us and it has made the difference between being financially sustainable and not it also helps to cover the shortfall between the government funding and what it costs to look after your little ones! For those of you that do not know this is a voluntary charge that is invoiced to funded children to cover the costs of the things we use in preschool such as paper, chalk, paint and snack etc. The charge will be added on to your invoices but please just let me know if you would prefer for it to be removed. We will now be invoicing half termly for both funded and non-funded children.  New fee rates are now chargeable after your funded sessions have been used.  Two-year olds will be charged £5.00 per hour, 3-4-year olds will be charged £4.50 per hour.


We are currently in the process of sourcing a new supplier for our uniform and hopefully you will be able to order directly from them making it easier for everyone. I will give you more information as I have it.

Committee News

Unfortunately, during our closure Helen decided to step down as our chairperson, this left us with a vacancy that needed to be filled urgently. Luckily, Trevor Shurmer has stepped up and is now our chairperson after completing all the relevant suitability checks. Some of you may have seen Trevor around before as he is Bea’s Grandad.

We are always looking for new people to be on our committee and help with fundraising so if this is something you would be interested in please just ask for more information.


Please be assured that we will be doing our upmost to keep the preschool open, however please be aware that if we have an “outbreak” of cases or staff shortages due to coronavirus it may be necessary to close at short notice. In this instance we will give everybody as much warning as we can.

Key Dates 

  • W/C 7th September – preschool opens to returning children.
  • W/C 14th, 21st, 28th September – preschool opens to new children.
  • 21st October – preschool closes for half term.
  • 2nd November – preschool reopens
  • 18th December -preschool closes for Christmas.
  • 4th January – preschool reopens.

Autumn Term Newsletter 2020

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