We have had a great start to the Preschool year, the children have all had a positive start to the term and the new children have settled in well. We have welcomed some more new children and we will continue to settle new families in throughout this term and next. We have lots planned for this half term and we are looking forward to the festive season already!

We have had a successful start to planning in the moment this term. This way of planning is allowing staff to get to know their key children really well and everybody is able to focus on children’s development very closely.

Please do leave any comments that you have about this way of observing the children in our comments box in the foyer, your comments are very valuable to us.

Please remember it is helpful for you to leave comments about the observations on Tapestry so that we can continue to work in partnership with you all to meet your children’s needs. You can also post up your own observations of the fun activities and learning that has been happening at home so that we can reinforce this learning at preschool too! We love to see what has been happening at home and the children love to share these things with everybody too.

Children In Need
Next Friday is children in need, we plan to help raise some money for the cause by collecting pennies all week and allowing children to come in dressed in fancy dress.

From Monday 11th November children can come in any day of the week dressed up in anything that they fancy! Please support this worthy cause by emptying your penny jars! 

Tote Bags
The vote for tea towels or tote bags gave us a clear winner of tote bags. The children have been busy doing their artwork and the design has been sent off. There is limited availability of the bags so please do sign up for a pre-order of bags on the poster that is in the foyer at Preschool. Bags cost £6 each or two for £10. Preschool will receive a percentage of the total raised which will help to raise money for much needed resources at preschool.

This term we are raising money for a speech and language therapy assessment toolkit and to improve the setting provision of technology. 

Preschool Closure and Christmas Performance
As you will be aware there is going to be a general election on Thursday December 12th. As the hall will be needed for the election Preschool will not be able to operate in the usual way. However we have managed to secure the church for the morning so that we will can have our Christmas performance on that day. The timings are to be confirmed but please save the date as you are all invited to enjoy a morning of festive fun watching your little ones perform! We have already started practising some new and exciting songs!

Preschool will unfortunately be closed in the afternoon. If you normally attend on that day and would like to swap your day please come and speak to Ria to make arrangements to do so. 

Christmas Party
On the last day of term Wednesday 18th December we will be holding two parties for the children. You will receive an invite closer to the time informing you of the time that your child should attend. Preschool will not be open for a normal session on that day and if you normally pay fees for that session please come and speak to Ria to rearrange your day that week. Father Christmas will come to visit children on that day and he will have a special present for everybody so it would be fantastic if everybody can come!

Stay and Play
We will be holding stay and play sessions throughout the week beginning on Monday 2nd December. This is an opportunity for parents to stay for the first hour of any session so that you are able to have a chat with your key worker or Ria about your child’s progress and any worries or concerns that you have. Please be aware that for children that are settling in this can be a little confusing and we do recommend waiting until your child is fully settled before you join a stay and play session.

Illness policy
It’s that time of year when everybody seems to feel under the weather at some time. Please remember our illness policy (can be found on our website) and see the poster in the foyer for advice about when to keep your child at home. It is very important that we try to keep everybody well and if your child has a temperature or any other symptoms of illness please do try to keep them at home until they are well enough to join the group.

We also must be aware that the winter vomiting bug has already started doing the rounds in Norfolk and there has been a norovirus outbreak in some schools. If your child is sick or has diarrhoea please keep them at home for at least 48 hours from their last bout. If we have a suspected norovirus outbreak everybody will be informed and this exclusion period will increase to 72 hours.

Also please help us to teach your children how to keep good hygiene by learning how to wash their hands thoroughly and access our tissues when they need to! 

30 Hour funding
If you are planning to claim 30 hour funding in January please be aware that you will need to apply for your code before we break up. The funding forms will be coming out towards the end of the term and you will need to fill in the 30 hour section on the claim form. If you already claim 30 hour funding please remember to renew your code as and when it is due for renewal, it is your responsibility to remember and if your code runs out of validity you will be charged fees for anything over your 15 hour entitlement.

Severe Weather
We hope we don’t have any severe weather this year however we do have to make preparations in the event that we do. We will of course always endeavour to remain open however the safety of children and staff has to be paramount and in severe circumstances we may not be able to open. In the event of any severe weather Tapestry will be used to keep you updated on any closures so please do check in before you try to travel.

On that note please do make sure that your children have suitable clothing and shoes for the weather. We do access the outside area in all weather and children do need to be wrapped up warm with suitable warm footwear. Children MUST have a change of footwear for outdoor use preferably wellies that are waterproof and you don’t mind getting very muddy!

Committee News
We have several of our committee members stepping down at the Annual General Meeting in November as their children left the preschool in summer. If you would like to become a member of the committee and think that you have skills that you could offer please do come and speak to Ria. We are especially looking for somebody that would like to step into the role of chairperson, if this is something you can help with please do come forward ASAP!

It is extremely important to keep the numbers in our committee healthy as we depend on having a committee to keep our preschool open. The committee holds overall responsibility for the settings smooth running and alongside the manager are able to make changes to the way that the preschool operates. 

Fundraising Committee
If you are keen to help but being on the full committee is not for you then please do volunteer on our fundraising committee. We meet separately to the main committee meetings for the sole purpose of organising and planning the fundraising events that we hold.

The Preschool depends heavily on fundraising to enable us to buy new toys and resources and to maintain our outstanding provision. Even if you cannot commit to coming to the meetings but are able to help out at the events please come and speak to Ria to volunteer your skills! 

Key Dates
Monday 11th November – Friday 15th November – Children in Need Fancy Dress week
Friday 15th November – Invoices due
Monday 25th November – Annual General Meeting followed by committee meeting (see separate invite for details)
Week Beginning 2nd December – Stay and Play sessions
Thursday 12th December – Christmas Performance at the church
Wednesday 18th December – Christmas Parties, Preschool closes for half term
Monday 6th January – Preschool re-opens

Autumn Term 2 – Newsletter