Quotes from our previous Ofsted report (June 2011)

The overall effectiveness of the early years provision

Overall the quality of the provision is Outstanding.

An extremely positive ethos of inclusion and a highly developed knowledge of each child’s needs ensures that staff successfully promote children’s welfare and learning. Children make excellent progress in their learning and development, supported by a well-qualified, caring and highly motivated team. The health and safety of all children is effectively managed and all policies and procedures necessary for the safe and efficient running of the setting are in place. Partnerships with parents are outstanding. This is a key strength of this setting and in addition there are exceptional links with the local school and others who provide care and learning for the children. Self-evaluation is rigorous and successfully identifies the strengths of the setting and areas for development, resulting in actions that are well-targeted and bring about sustained improvement in the early years provision.

The effectiveness of leadership and management of the early years provision

The setting is organised exceptionally well to ensure that the needs of all children are met. Staff significantly enhance the development and welfare of children as they have a clear understanding of safeguarding requirements. All staff attend safeguarding training to ensure that they are aware of the signs and symptoms of abuse to help them recognise when children may be at risk. Comprehensive policies and procedures are robust to ensure any safeguarding concerns are managed effectively. Children’s health, safety and well-being are significantly enhanced by the implementation of clear procedures and practice.

The quality and standards of the early years provision and outcomes for children

Children are eager to attend and make significant gains in their learning. This is because they are motivated by staff who are well-qualified and enthusiastic. The quality of teaching is exceptional and staff work closely with parents to establish children’s starting points, their likes and dislikes. As a consequence, staff promote a highly stimulating and welcoming environment. They plan effectively to ensure that children’s learning and development is supported and the exceptional organisation of the educational programme reflects rich, varied and imaginative experiences that are fun, provide challenge and are built around children’s interests. This stimulates children’s curiosity to help them make rapid progress in all areas of learning and development.

Children feel safe and secure in the setting and have excellent relationships with staff who treat children with genuine warmth and positive regard.

Children demonstrate a dynamic role in their learning and show high levels of independence, curiosity and concentration. They behave exceptionally well and have excellent relationships with each other, understanding and respecting the feelings of others. They play well together, cooperate and are developing excellent negotiating skills.

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