Summary of key findings for parents from our last Ofsted report (Jan 2016)

The overall effectiveness of the provision is outstanding

The pre-school manager is committed to providing high-quality care and inspirational learning for children. The staff team is highly motivated and qualified and works exceptionally well together, creating a secure and safe learning environment for children. Self-evaluation processes actively contribute to sustaining the highly effective provision and the outstanding service.

Teaching is outstanding. Staff are well qualified and use their expert knowledge and in-depth understanding of how children learn to support children as they make rapid progress in their learning.

Children’s natural curiosity and exploratory instincts are extremely well fostered. Rich and varied play opportunities capture children’s interest and fascination. They develop a strong impulse to learn and exceptional skills for their future learning.

Comprehensive and wide-ranging monitoring provides the manager with an in-depth record of the progress children make over time. She uses this information to swiftly identify any emerging gaps in their learning and implements a programme of support where necessary. Children develop a deep understanding of how to keep themselves safe and an expert ability to assess risks. They participate in an extensive range of safety-related activities and gain a full and thorough understanding of managing their own safety and the consequences of their actions.

Children develop a strong connection with their local community and gain a broad understanding of the world around them. They celebrate differences and learn to be respectful of others.

Inspection findings

Effectiveness of the leadership and management is outstanding

The arrangements for safeguarding are effective. All staff have a deep understanding of a wide range of safeguarding issues, underpinned by the comprehensive policies and procedures in place. The manager and deputy have received specific training to support them in their roles of lead safeguarding practitioners. Very robust recruitment and vetting procedures are in place, including the successful induction of new staff. The manager provides excellent support for the staff team. She acts as a superb role model and highly values the contribution her staff team makes to the setting. Sharply focused evaluation of staffs practice informs the highly effective performance management and professional development of staff. Partnerships with parents are extremely effective. Staff work very hard to ensure that parents are entirely involved in their children’s learning within the pre-school and at home.

Quality of teaching, learning and assessment is outstanding

Staff make accurate and precise assessments of children’s learning. This information is used exceptionally well to inform planning that fully reflects children’s interests and individual next steps. Staff have an in-depth understanding of their key children, and the group as a whole, and skilfully adapt activities and interactions to provide the highest levels of support. The exceptional level of challenge provided by the adventurous and highly stimulating educational programme enables children to explore and extend their own capabilities. This helps to empower children to try new experiences. Children develop a wealth of new skills as they participate in science experiments. They make predictions, test their ideas and become persistent learners who find great satisfaction in meeting challenges. Furthermore, children show expert subject know,edge as they recall previous activities and confidently communicate what they learn.

Personal development, behaviour and welfare is outstanding

Children benefit from the small group size and close support they receive from staff, who have an excellent understanding of their needs and interests. This contributes highly to children feeling safe and secure in the pre-school. The highly inclusive environment greatly supports children’s independence. The manager has plans in place to increase the accessibility of the environment even further for younger children. Staff are exceptionally consistent in their routines, management of behaviour and in their demonstration at all times of courtesy and consideration for the feelings of others. Children emulate this behaviour and behave extremely well at all times. Healthy lifestyles are fully embedded into every aspect of practice. Staff take every opportunity to talk to the children about a wide range of health-related issues. They encourage discussions at lunch and snack times about the benefits of a healthy diet and help children to understand the needs of their bodies.

Outcomes for children are outstanding

All children make excellent progress given their starting points. Their evident confidence and independence prepare them extremely well for the next stage of their education and school.

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